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A Nevada judge just taught professional boxer Floyd Mayweather a tough lesson in the legal system.



The only thing Mystikal seems to love more than his 2000 hit, “Shake Ya Ass” seems to be doing jail-time. (more…)

Well, well, well. It looks like rappers will be held accountable for what they say in their music. At least in a court of law that is – as a judge in Baton Rouge has ruled that rap lyrics from Lil Boosie songs can be used against him in his upcoming murder trial.  (more…)

For the many who were outraged by the Trayvon Martin case over the last few months, it appears that their prayers have been answered. The special prosecutor in the case will announce criminal charges against George Zimmerman today (April 11th), a law enforcement official told NBC News.  (more…)

Singer Chris Brown had high hopes that once he left the state of Florida the alleged phone snatching charge would all of a sudden go away. Unfortunately for Breezy, the investigation has taken a turn in the prosecution’s favor as the investigation is moving outside of the Sunshine state.  (more…)


Things just got a little more real for lawyer, and reality television star Phaedra Parks. Author Angela Stanton has put the self-described “southern belle” on blast in her new book. (more…)


Typically prisoners who’ve been incarcerated for some time develop beautiful penmanship. Since Lil Wayne is the consummate businessman, he’s taken it a bit further and will actually pen a book based on his 8-month bid at the Rikers Island Correctional Facility in New York in 2010. Wayne’s book titled, “Gone Till November” will be available on November 28 on the Grand Central Publishing imprint of the Hachette Book Group.


Ben Greenberg, executive editor at Grand Central Publishing said in an interview with “The Hollywood Reporter;” ‘He kept detailed journals of his inner and outer life while he was on Rikers Island, and they certainly tell a story. They are revealing.’


Wayne’s journals detailed the type of people he met, how he felt while incarcerated, and thoughts about family and friends.


We can’t wait to take a peek at what’s inside Wayne’s book. If anything we hope this serves as a cautionary tail for young men on the wrong path.


Do you believe “Gone Til November” will be worth a read?


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