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Jackson family insider and writer Stacy Brown, who was known to have spent over 25 years within the Jackson Family, reveals Katherine Jackson referred to her son Michael as a f—-t in a letter exposing alleged secret payoffs to child molestation victims…

As reported by MSDTV, the Jackson family has filed a multi-billion dollar wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG.
Unfortunately the verdict came in and it wasn’t in the Jackson’s favor…

According to reports, the Jackson family patriarch, Joe Jackson has suffered a stroke…

Just when you thought the Jackson family drama couldn’t get any messier, Vanity Fair gives you a glimpse of the Jackson family dirty laundry in the MJ biography, Untouchable



If you didn’t learn any thing from watching the Jackson 5 movie, then know that you shouldn’t mess with the patriarch of the Jackson family.

Why? Cuz Joe Jackson has a gun and he is willing and ready to use it…


The rumor-mill is reporting that Janet Jackson is having a very difficult time dealing with the stress of the Jackson family feud and has recently started back up with prescription drugs and binge eating to gain some control..


Janet Jackson’s lawyers have released a statement on behalf of Janet, Randy and Rebbie Jackson claiming that money is not the motivating factor in them wanting new executors of Michael Jackson’s estate…


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