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Earlier this week we told you about Dutch magazine “Jackie’s” sad attempt at a joke wherein Rihanna was called the ultimate n**gabitch.” The “joke” resulted in Rihanna Twitter-whipping the editor Eva Hoeke and her stepping down at the behest of her boss, publisher Yves Gijrath. Now, Gijrath has had a change of heart and is retracting the apology.


[T]here is nothing wrong in the magazine. [Hoeke] presented it as a joke, but it most certainly was not a joke. It was an interpretation [of a fashion style]…She should have said: “we did not realize this interpretation is such a touchy subject. We never meant any harm and offer our sincere and upright apologies.” But because of all the fuss, Eva started to wiggle in all directions, and therefore we have come to the conclusion her credibility has been undermined.


So, Jackie” is sorry people are offended but they don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong. Within the same apology Rihanna was invited to say her piece in the next issue of Jackie. We are unaware if that invitation was rescinded too. To date Rihanna has not responded.


Regardless of what Jackie has to say, Rihanna has had an amazing year and will not let Jackie’s fail stop her from pop domination. The popular LOUD tour just wrapped, RiRi received a Grammy nomination, she’s the number one musician on Facebook — hello, 48,087,320 fans — and just released a new single.


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