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Drake, his manager Cortez Bryant, Gerald Roberson and Derrick Lawrence, have recently been named in a massive lawsuit over alleged unpaid royalties from the man who gave Drake his Young Money shot…


Rapstar Drake is rumored to be in the process of setting up a new team, as the young money rapper is reportedly dropping his long time friend and business associate J. Prince.

According to Power105 in New York, Drake has parted ways with the man who essentially put him on as an artist. It seems that when Drake first got “put on” he was executive produced by J Prince – who is known to be a “no games” businessman who is also connected in the streets. Now the rapper has intentionally left Prince off of his album credits, and did not think to inform him until after the album was out.

While that may seem foul, it’s a harder snub knowing that it was J Prince who introduced Drake to Young Money, where he was signed.

Check below for the full interview on what happened: