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Sean Garret may be a super producer, but he’s not so SUPER at paying his bills.

According to reports, Garrett has been ordered to pay over $108,084 to Amex for defaulting on payments…



Rapper Beanie Sigel was arrested early this morning in Philedelphia for drugs and gun possession just 2 weeks before he was supposed to turn himself in for failing to pay his 2003 – 2005 taxes…



Flavor Flav may be a reality show king, but his real life has just given him a major reality check.

The 53 year-old hype man owes nearly one million dollar in back taxes…



Gabby Douglas’ mother has a lot to be thankful about.

With her daughter winning Gold at the Olympics the proud mama will now be able to get out of some major debt…



Uncle Sam doesn’t care if you just won GOLD at the Olympics  – he’s wants his share of winnings – and he’s not ashamed to collect it upon return…


Rapper Young Buck apparently has a new ideology when it comes to his belongings… “if you can’t keep them, buy them back”.
And that’s exactly what the former G-Unit rapper did.

Pop star Rihanna is learning a tough lesson on who to trust with your money.
The singer is being audited by the IRS and is blaming her former accountants, The Berdon Firm, claiming the audit is a direct result of their negligence…

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