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It’s been over thirty years since Ready for the World made new music.

Now the musical group, known for such hits like, “Oh, Shelia,” and “Let Me Love You Down,” are back and ¬†hitting the charts with new music.

In a recent interview, RFTW talked about why they wanted to make a return, their forthcoming, untitled album and some of their fondest moments.

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George Tillman Jr.’s latest project ‘The Hate U Give’ is now in theaters and director is breaking down the significance of the Black Lives Inspired-film.

In the recent interview, Tillman touches on the cast, the meticulous way he handled the script and adaptation and why this film is needed now, much more than ever.

He also opened up about some of his struggles as a young director and the black versus white hollywood division….



Gospel legend, BeBe Winans is officially on the charts with his new single, “He Promised Me,” and he’s also making strides with his newest one, “Laughter.”

In a sit down interview with the music great, Winans is opening up about his fondest memories of Aretha Franklin and the late great Whitney Houston.

He’s also dishing on his new musical coming to Broadway, ‘Born For This.’

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Remember that lovable child in the 90’s dramatic film, Losing Isaiah? Well, actor Marc John Jefferies is all grown up – and has continued to make his face a staple in film.

Of course, your one and only drama queen had the pleasure of sitting down with the actor to discuss his past work, upcoming projects and the “drama’ of hollywood.

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It’s time to turn it up with your one and only entertainment news queen as she stops by #SwayInTheMorning to dish the dirt with @tracyg. It’s bound to be explosive….


Ms. Drama caught up with Lisa Raye to talk about the second season of her reality show. Raye opens up about the “good drama” in her life and why there is now no pressure since she has come to terms with who she is. She admits to making mistakes early on in her career, but believes she is stronger and has learned from them. Raye highlights her current accomplishments including her two reality shows and touches on the importance of censorship in music and film. She addresses the negative portrayal of women and her involvement in the stereotype. She explains why she a “body” girl and why being appealing to the male audience is a good thing especially for a 43 year old woman. She ends with her thoughts on finding Mr. Right and why a reality dating show is not for her.

Since the purchase of my flip cam almost 2 years ago, I have been on the proverbial mission to document all that is Ms. Drama. Surprisingly, those moments have led to some of the most exclusive and intimate conversations with artists, celebrities, moguls and the like. I never became Ms. Drama for the flashing lights, but to create a lane of opportunity when the doors weren’t exactly open for a personality that couldn’t essentially be fit in a box. My background is journalism, but my personality strives to expose the hidden story (as uncomfortable as it may be) through humor, a little sarcasm, and more often than not a good amount of tactfulness that is often swept under the rug by the brand of Ms. Drama.

Nevertheless, with flipcam in hand, I continue to document the world of “drama” in hopes that the appropriate platform will rise to the challenge of housing such a brand. Yet, with that thought – can this brand truly be housed?

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