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Pictures of rapper Lil B’s cover art for his upcoming album titled, “I’m Gay” has provoked many different reactions from hip-hop enthusiasts; including but not limited to, rage, hate, humor, confusion, anger…to put it simply, drama.  Undeterred by his controversial threats towards Kanye West (raping, and such), rumors circulated that Lil B may be the first outwardly gay rapper; which apparently triggered this satire (if you will) on Marvin Gaye’s album cover for “I Want You”, constructed from the 1970s painting Sugar Shack.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Based God remarks:

“I really seen that the hip-hop community is being very close-minded and very hateful, very violent…people use evil words, money, separation, stuff like that. I just wanted to make this to show words don’t mean anything.”

Is this Gaye enough for you guys?  Eh…be happy.