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Ice T and Coco sighting at Last Rite's Gallery, NYC


According to reports, Rapper Ice T and his wife Coco Austin are trying to have a baby…


Apparently rapper AP.9 is tired of the doubters who don’t believe he smashed CoCo.

According to a prominent publicist — AP.9 has evidence proving his wild night with CoCo and is looking shop the deal…


It seems that Ice T is finally addressing the latest photos of his wife…

It looks like, California rapper, A.P.9 is working hard to extend his 15 minutes of fame.
As reported by MSDTV, after Coco was seen in some inappropriate pictures with the rapper, Ice T made it clear – he was not amused.

Now the rapper is claiming he has some bedroom photos with him and Coco that he’s willing to share to the highest bidder…


According to west coast rapper AP.9, Ice-T may want check his wife – as he’s making it pretty clear it wasn’t just innocent fun and games with Coco…


Oh did you think they were over? Well, at least that’s what everyone thought until that whole photo situation in Vegas happened over the weekend with Coco. In any event, the two were spotted Monday night at the  Last Rite’s Gallery in NYC amidst the recent steamy photo(s) scandal of Coco and rapper AP.9.


The old saying, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” was NOT the case with Ice T’s wife Coco. Ice T, 54, and wife, CoCo, 33 has been seen in questionable pics with a rapper from Oakland named AP.9.


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