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Comedian/actor Chris Tucker is apparently on the fence about participating in the last Friday installment that was mentioned last year by Ice Cube.

According to the actor he’s just not that impressed…


Ice Cube hit the stage last night at KDAY’s annual Krush Groove show and killed it as he usually does. Tons of video after the break of him performing his solo stuff as well as some N.W.A. classics. Props to The West Coast Jawn for the videos. (more…)

Tonight MTV2 is bringing the best of the past, present and future of hip hop together. Watch show clips and view the lineup after the break!


Fans of the movie “Friday”, may have something to celebrate about as there seems to be upcoming cast reunion for the 4th installment of “Friday”.

TMZ recently caught up with Tiny Lister (Deebo) in L.A. last night and had him reveal a “Friday” update. TMZ reports:

Tucker flew him out on his private jet recently to discuss the possibility of getting the ORIGINAL “Friday” crew back together. Lister tells us … Tucker and Cube have a big pow-wow set for next week to discuss a 4th “Friday” film … adding, “This is gonna be the big one.”

As you may remember, Tucker shot into superstardom playing pot-obsessed Smokey in the original “Friday” back in 1995 — and then refused to appear in any of the sequels, citing religious reasons.

Hopefully he received some spiritual counseling in between those that two “Friday” films.

Check the full interview with Deebo after the break:


Rapper/actor Ice Cube has joined forces with freelance artist Mark Sgarsbossa to feature a limited edition of autographed art pieces signed off by Cube himself.  The project is sponsored by RareInk, a company founded in 2010, which prides itself on being the first bona fide autographed art program for the music industry.  The pieces were unveiled on Wednesday, and are inspired by Ice Cube’s classics, “It Was A Good Day”, as well as some of his album covers including, Amerikkka’s Most Wanted and The Predator.

10% of the proceeds that come from this unprecedented enterprise will go towards benefiting the Minority AIDS project.  In the following clip, Ice Cube and Sgarsbossa talk a little bit more about the development of the project- for more information check out