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Holly Robinson Pete is still trying to understand her recent dismal from the daytime show, “The Talk” as the actress and host explains she was not given any notice or reason on why she was canned.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Pete explains:

“I wasn’t given a reason. I loved doing ‘The Talk.’ I was really good at it. I was in my comfort zone. I didn’t know if I could do daytime, live TV. I always wanted to do it, and I was feeling great about it,” she said. “I did everything I was asked to do and brought it.”

Many fans apparently have had her sentiments as they have threatened to stop watching the show if the decision to fire her and Leah Remini wasn’t changed.

Peete told Access that it would have been nice for someone to address the change on the show, like Barbara Walters would on “The View.”

While the network’s decision comes as a shock to her, Peete still maintains a strong work ethic as she manages a recurring role on “Mike and Molly” and has a cameo on upcoming “21 Jump Street” movie.

“That’s some old school stuff,” she said. “It’s not your parents’ 21 Jump Street,” she said. Although “Hanging With Mr. Cooper” and “21 Jump Street” ended their runs years ago, Holly assured fans, “I still got it.”

Check out her full interview with Access Hollywood after the break. Of course MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned.


This fall, expect some major changes in your daytime programming on CBS. The network had recently announced that their daytime talk show, “The Talk” – has decided to fire not renew contracts for industry vets Leah Remini and Holly Robinson.

Instead, the show is now making room for reality TV (mom)anger, Kris Jenner (from Keeping Up with Kardashians) and comedienne/ announcer (and noted Republican and supporter of President Bush) Sheryl Underwood. -_-

Why the sudden change?

Well, CBS has brought on Jenner to fill in for Sharon Osbourne who is “taking time of to be with her husband Ozzy” and possibly to fill Leah’s role for 2 weeks, while Sheryl is coming on as a “fill-in” with the option to become a permanent co-host (if she can gel with the other cast-mates).

While CBS is still searching for permanent hosts, Sheryl and Kris will join Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert on Sept. 6 for the debut of season 2.

Will you be watching? O_o

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned..