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It seems as if black hollywood has unanimously decided that actress Halle Berry is the only person who can efficiently play you in a biopic. Such is the case for 70s film star, Pam Grier who has put Berry on top of her list.  (more…)


The plot thickens in the Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry custody battle. It has yet to be decided what custody rights will be awarded to Aubry but he already has a laundry list of requests for his former ex-girlfriend, and the mother of his 3-year-old daughter, Nahla. (more…)


It’s been alleged that Gabriel Aubry, the father of Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla is a hot-head. After the latest bomb Berry has dropped, he may just explode.




TMZ updated a developing story regarding Halle Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubry. Aubry, the father of Berry’s little girl Nahla is accused of endangering her welfare. According to a police report filed by former nanny Alliance Kamdem, Gabriel Aubry is accused of pushing her into a door as she held the child, violently yanking Nahla from her arms and flying into a rage.




Although actress Halle Berry said she’d never marry again, it seems as if she has had a change of heart. reports Berry is engaged to beau Olivier Martinez. Berry has been dating the French actor for more than one year. The couple met on the set of of the film “Dark Tide.”


Although the couple stayed mum at first, has confirmed that the French actor has given his ladylove a diamond and emerald engagement ring. A rep for jewelry designer Gurhan, who designed the ring, backed the story.


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Halle Berry was recently spotted on the beaches of Malibu with family and friends for another close-nit outing in celebration of her 45th birthday.

It seems that the award winning actress has been in celebration mode since last week with private lunches, dinners, and outings –bringing along her current boo Oliver Martinez and her daughter Nahla, for the week of festivities.

Can you say, “Black Don’t Crack”? Congrats Halle on being a stunning 45!

More pictures of Halle’s fun in the sun weekend after the break:


Ms. Drama caught up with Chairwoman of TV One, Cathy Hughes to discuss the new network programming. Hughes talks about the vision of TV One and why they are focused on the positive portrayal of black people from a black perspective. While expressing her views, Hughes comments on Monique’s performance in Precious as the worst portrayal of a black women that’s ever been in cinema”. She also addresses Halle Berry’s performance that won her the Oscar and the lack of positive representation in television. Huges questions why no one has focused on the positive images out there like Michelle Obama.

During the interview, Hughes opens up about the criticism, and reveals Martin Lawerence as the brainchild of the TV One comedic shows. She talks about the Prince and Martin connection, embracing new talent and why it’s good being second as a urban network.