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Halle Berry has had a difficult time in the relationship department.

Now it looks like the award winning actress may be heading to splitsville  once again with another beau…



Halle Berry is upset that she’s having to front the bill so that her ex, Gabriel Aubry, can live the good life off of her 20K a month..   (more…)

Halle Berry, 45, is officially out of the hospital this morning after suffering a head injury while filming her latest movie.  (more…)

Halle Berry may have gotten the greatest gift of her life in her four year old daughter Nahla — but now the award winning actress will have to pay dearly for it. (more…)

Last week MSDTV reported Halle Berry was none to pleased with photographers stalking her daughter outside of her school.

Now Halle explains why she went off and why she feels the President should get involved.  (more…)


Like mama bears, human females will attack when they feel as if their children are being threatened. Apparently this notion was lost on a photographer who tried to snap images of actress Halle Berry’s daughter, Nahla. (more…)

Everybody deserves a chance at love. And as for actress Halle Berry – the third times a charm.  (more…)