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It appears that someone has a serious vendetta against former G-Unit rapper Young Buck, as the rapper was shot almost a dozen times while driving a SUV in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, reports WSMV-TV Nashville.

The rapper, whose real name is David Brown, was riding around in his vechile early Sunday morning with an unidentified female pasenger. During their drive, a white Chevy Tahoe pulled alongside and fired 11 shots at the vehicle in which Young Buck went unharmed, but the woman suffered a gun shot wound to the shoulder.

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Today we celebrate the birth of Dr. Marting Luther King, Jr. If Dr. King were alive today he would be proud that his work and that of his contemporaries helped secure a better future for Blacks in America. We as a people have come a long way from shackles, Jim Crow laws and segregation. However, we’re killing ourselves at alarming rates due to disease and violence. Gun violence in particular has plagued our communities for decades and it’s only getting worse. A history of gun violence was not in the legacy MLK, Jr. left for Black people.


Join Ms. Drama and the National Action Network today, January 16th at 12 noon for a panel discussion on gun violence. Learn what your community needs to do to be safe and how to change the policies to ensure it.


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