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Amber Rose is likely to be enrolling in a college course on cultural etiquette sometime soon as the video model has received an enormous amount of backlash for her unpopular comments on Ghana’s current economic state.

Last week Amber Rose ventured out to Ghana to help host the annual Vodaphone O20 concert. During her time in the country, the model decided to post a picture depicting her thoughts on the “poverty stricken land”. She also commented that Ghana had no middle class – and that there were only extremely poor people and extremely rich.

In response the Amber’s ignorance, a writer for Ghana Web responded saying:

“Did I hear Amber Rose say there are no middle class people in Ghana? And it is either people are extremely rich or extremely poor? I am a living testimony and a true proof that, she is totally uninformed about Ghanaians.

I am not extremely rich and neither am I extremely poor to be living in gutters or dirt as she puts it. I am a middle class Ghanaian and my family has always been middle class. There are several middle class Ghanaians out there living comfortably and not in dirt.

It is absurd enough to bring Amber Rose to Ghana to headline a concert as the only decent credibility this chick carries around is ‘ex-girlfriend of Kanye West’. I therefore expected that she should at least be coached if she is dumb enough not to know that we have middle class Ghanaians.

Not only did Amber Rose parade her ignorance as far as the economic strata of Ghanaians/Africans are concerned, she also presented her view as if there are no poor people in America where she comes from. There are people out there in America living in far disgusting conditions than those she spotted in Ghana.

If someone like Amber Rose wants to comment on Ghana, the best is for her to be informed on what she is saying…And why does she think Ghana is entirely Africa? Gosh! Africa is a continent, Ghana is a country and she just visited Ghana, we have 53 countries in Africa.”

Check out Amber’s response to the Ghana journalist after the break: