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We informed you about entertainers, TV personalities & even NBA players supporting the Trayvon Martin travesty. Lot of people voiced their opinion on what Gereldo Revira had to said about the ordeal.


Revira received a surprise email from his older son mentioning how ashamed he was of his pops view on Trayvon Martin. (more…)

Really? A Hoodie? We’re talking about a HOODIE? Geraldo Revira went on a rampage today on TV and Twitter. During his interview with Today on Fox And Friends, he spoke on how blacks and latinos shouldn’t wear hoodies in the streets. He believes that if Trayvon Martin (GOD bless his soul) wasn’t wearing a hoodie, everything would have been cool. The kid went to the store to get some SKITTLES!!!

And the Twitter rant was just ridiculous. Even calling the late great Whitney Houston a JUNKIE! This is an outrage.CNN’s Roland Martin & Questlove from The Roots shared their opinions on Revira’s comments.

Catch all the DRAMA below!