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Gayle King and senator Cory Booker were supposed a hot item earlier this year and ready to take their relationship to another level.

Apparently that was all smoke and mirrors…



Oprah may have her Stedman, but it looks like King Gayle has a new beau in Cory Booker??




On Sunday night during the Oscars red carpet, beauty blog ‘Total Beauty’ mixed up Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey – because apparently they can’t tell the difference between the two of them…



CBS has sanctioned Gayle King to interview the Obama’s for the annual Superbowl Sunday pre game show interview.

If the President had a Superbowl party planned for that day – we guess he can forget about it…



According to blogs, Oprah Winfrey had a nervous break down around the time she shot the movie The Butler.

Not true says Oprah’s bff Gayle King…


2013 US Open Champion Serena Williams - New York City Trophy Tour
Apparently, Gayle King did not get the memo that you don’t ask Serena Williams questions about her personal life.
The tennis star went on CBS this Morning on Monday to discuss her U.S. Open win and had to shut down Oprah’s bff Gayle King after she tried to get too personal…

Oprah Winfrey’s bff Gayle King says Oprah has those qualities that make you want to wife her.  (more…)

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