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Hip Hip pioneer Afrika Bambaataa finally speaks out to the shocking claims that he molested young boys throughout his career…



In semi shocking news, rapper Keith Murray decided to announce that he is gay.

Apparently, marketing and radio promotion isn’t enough to promote your upcoming album and documentary — you might as well let all the secrets out…


After multiple arrests for picking up transsexual hookers, Mister Cee is speaking out saying. “I’m not a gay man”….


Jordan and Jasmine

Micheal Jordan’s Daughter Jasmine has finally come out the closet via Instagram …



Tyler Perry’s former friend, Walter Lee Hampton has decided to “out” the Madea actor and director to the masses.
And it seems that Tyler must have received the memo as he sent out an open letter addressing his “past” the same day….

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kordell Stewart has apparently decided to address the gay rumors that have been plaguing him since his days as a Pittsburgh Steeler…

Can’t say we saw this one coming.
According to reports, music mogul Clive Davis has opened up about his bi-sexuality in his new autobiography…