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Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe has a lot to be relieved about as her new role as “Safecracker” in the movie Tower Heist is finally giving her a break from her “Precious” moniker.

Sidibe called in to Detroit’s WJLB/FM 98 morning show on last Friday to talk about her new role and working with the legendary comedian Eddie Murphy and actor Ben Stiller.

Sidibe explains her experience working with Murphy:

“It was so awesome. He’s a comic G-d. He’s amazing. Everyone thinks I’m too young to remember Eddie. Everyone thinks I’m 16… actually I’m almost 50 (actually she’s 28). He’ll always be like Hakim from ‘Coming to America.’ Which is the greatest movie ever. It was really hard not to quote his movies to him like a freak.”

Besides trying not be a over zealous fan on set, the young actress, also touched on her Oscar nominated role as Precious and how she almost broke her back on set of the movie when Monique, who won the role for Best Actress, pushed her during one of the scenes.

Gabby explains that Monique was so intense during shootings, that she once pushed Gabby into a chair so hard that she collapsed to the floor. Monique tried to keep the scene going, but everyone was rushing to Gabby’s aide because she almost broke her back!

Now that Sidibe has moved on to her next major role, she admits that she is tire of being “Precious”. She tells the morning show crew that she HATES being called “Precious” and her mother also cannot stand it because her name “Gabourey” has a special meaning – it is the African saying for “God is watching me.”

Of course Ms. Sidibe has a lot to be happy about now, as Tower Heist is officially #1 in the box office. Check the movie stats after the break:


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