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The past always has a way of creeping back into a person’s life. Unfortunately for the rapper G. Dep, a 20-year old incident will have him serving 15 years to life in a New York prison.  (more…)

Doing the right thing when you do something wrong doesn’t always mean you won’t still have to pay the price. Case in point for 90s rapper G-Dep, who was just convicted for a murder he committed in 1993.  (more…)

As reported by MSDTV, rapper G-Dep’s defense team is hoping they can persuade both judge and jury that there is a reasonable doubt in their client’s murder case. With that uphill battle in tow, Dep’s team must now also face their latest opponent: the online media market which just released G-Dep’s confession. (more…)

Rapper G. Dep’s defense team has managed to turn the tables for their client’s murder case as they are now claiming that the prosecution has had the wrong victim all along.  (more…)

Ms. Drama sits down with Crystal Sutton (G-Dep’s) wife for a candid interview about G-Dep’s current state and the confession that landed him in jail. During the interview, Sutton opens up about the drugs and when they started and Dep’s “enablers” during this time. She talks about her and the family’s struggle to get him on track and the meeting that the label and Puff had with him. Sutton touches on the their twin boys and how Dep’s abuse has affected them. She explains why she’s skeptical on his confession and why she’s not giving up on him, his sobriety, or his future career in music.