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“Clueless” actress Stacey Dash has hit an all time ingnorance low.

After recently being suspended from Fox News for saying President Barack Obama did not “give a sh*t,” she was back on the network on Wednesday to offer her thoughts on the Oscar boycott.

And be prepared, it’s pretty ridiculous…




Hillary Clinton has started to lose her ground in the 2016 democratic primaries – and may lose her chance at the election.

According to reports, The FBI has enough evidence on Hillary Clinton to charge her with some major federal offenses…


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Stacey Dash is back in the news once again for right wing commentary.

Unfortunately for her, her commentary about President Obama got her suspended…



Since becoming a part the Fox News team, Stacey Dash’s comments on political matters haven’t exactly endeared her to black community.

Now it appears as if Dash may be trying to regain her footing as she defends hip-hop to her Fox news counterparts…


Chris Brown was recently criticized for his performance on The Today Show this past Friday, by Fox News Anchor, Laura Ingraham.

Now, we all know the type of propaganda Fox is notorious for circulating on their “news” program, however, the extent to which Ingraham took her political analytic take on Brown’s performance, was…spellbinding.  O_o

Chris Brown conducted a stage performance for NBC’s Today Show Friday morning, attracting a 12,000+ crowd filler (some of which slept on the streets outside of the venue), upon which, Fox News took it upon themselves to do a special segment on the distaste they had for NBC’s promotion of Brown’s “bad behavior”.  This was mostly in reference to the story that made headlines nearly 2 years ago – his altercation with girlfriend at the time, R&B singer, Rihanna.

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