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If you couldn’t manage to stay awake during the Golden Globes last night, no worries, we’ve got your exclusive recap – from the highlights, lowlights, fashionable moments and winners…


Rihanna may be a fashion icon nowadays, but she her couture swag apparently isn’t able to hold the attention of viewers…

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs keeps his trail of money close to home as the music and fashion mogul has made his 14 year old son Christian the face of the Sean John 2012 spring / summer boys collection.  (more…)

Cassie invites Scott Lipps in to her New York penthouse to take a look inside her closet and to sit down for an interview. Whilst in her closet (or bedroom for most people), she shows off her huge shoe collection, a few of her dresses and even models a few of her favourite outfits. Check out the video after the break.



Which former teeny-bopping singer, turned actress, from a strict Catholic family allowed herself to leave the house in this mess? (more…)


Pop superstar Rihanna’s stunning dress was just as exclusive as the many post-Grammy parties held last night.


You’ve seen the front …


New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano has impressive stats on and off the field.



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