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Faith Evans opens up about her relationship with Notorious B.I.G. and reveals the striking similarities between Biggie Smalls and their son. Plus, find out if Faith believes that they will find the person responsible for Biggie’s murder. Then, Faith talks about the day she found Lil Kim in bed with Biggie and reveals if she has forgiven Lil Kim for sleeping with her husband. Check it out


Rumors have been floating around whether the R & B Divas cast will return.
Last week we heard that Faith Evans, along with Nicci Gilbert, would not be returning for a second season, but now it seems that the network is still deciding.
Well – at least about Faith…

As reported by MSDTV, Nicci Gilbert has been rumored to be not returning to TV One’s top rated reality show R&B Divas.
Coincidentally, it appears that Faith Evans is getting the boot as well…