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“Basketball Wives Miami” is back for a fourth season. Royce Reed who was missing from season three is back and two new ladies have joined the cast. We already know a lot about the going-ons behind the scenes including the break up of Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams’ 11-year friendship, and Kenya Bell’s criminal past.


We’re sure Shaunie O’Neal and the production crew have many gems left for viewers.



Things are getting really grimy on “Basketball Wives”. Now assistants are getting involved and laying their hands on people? Apparently so.



We heard lot of rumors of Evelyn & Chad Oochocinco calling of their wedding. In the video above, she addresses the rumors, her friendship with Jennifer Williams & more. After the jump, she mentions the date they’re actually getting married & if she’s changing her name to “Oochocinco” (more…)


We saw this coming last season. Now it’s official; the dynamic duo of Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams is no more. While Shaunie O’Neal was celebrating her birthday at Philippe Chow, Ms. Lozada and Ms. Williams took the hood road by lobbing disses at each other.  The altercation ended when Evelyn — she of the even temper — hit ex-best friend Jen over the head with her purse.

What makes this even worse is they’ve stopped following each other on Twitter and Jen was not invited to Evelyn’s “In the Circle” birthday bash.

Do you think the ladies will kiss and make up? Or, will Jen remain a non-factor in Evelyn’s life?

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BBW and reality TV star Evelyn Lozada is a woman determined on getting what she wants. So determined that she was willing to leave the hit show, “Basketball Wives,” if VH1 didn’t cave into her demands.

TMZ explains:

Evelyn had made up her mind that she was done with the show for good after VH1 posted a blog insinuating she cheated on her fiancé, NFL star Chad Ochocinco. Once Evelyn let producers know she was out, that’s when we’re told they really made a push to keep her.

According to our sources, her new arrangement with the show has her shooting about half as often (but with a raise) and that she can work around her daughter’s school schedule. We’re also told Evelyn has made it clear … she will not miss any of Chad’s games.

But according to our sources, the final carrot that sealed the deal … was that VH1 promised to spin off Evelyn and Chad into their own show. We’re told that show would document the months leading up to their wedding … but so far no deal to shoot the wedding has been made.

A few of the BBW could take a some lessons from Evelyn. It’s time to step it up ladies!

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned.

In a recent interview with The Boston Herald, Chad OchoCinco’s fiancee’, Evelyn Lozada, made her official Boston debut in a upcoming spread over the weekend where she talked about having twins with her NFLer and why she’s definitely not a “gold-digger”.

Now that reality TV star Evelyn Lozada is rumored to be leaving the hit show, Basketball Wives, she has opened up about her plans to start a new family with her baller husband Chad Ochocinco (New England Patriots) in Boston.

In the interview, Lozada talks about relocating to Boston, where she and fiancée are moving into a two bedroom, two bath home in Foxboro. While the soon to be newlywed is ready to take on the role of a doting wife, Evelyn explains she’s also interested in getting acquainted with supermodel Gisele Bundchen (girlfriend of Patriots QB Tom Brady).

“I’m not opposed to a double date. I’d invite them out. We’re hoping to bring some flavor and fun to Boston. Maybe it could be Tom, Gisele, Evelyn and Chad take over Boston. That would be cool.”

(She’s definitely optimistic with that one O_o)

In defense of her “gold-digger” label, Evelyn addressed the topic of going from a “basketball wife” to a “football wife”, since she’s never officially made it to the alter:

“Listen, first of all, I met Antoine (former Boston Celtics player Antoine Walker) in New York. I’m not one of those girls who chase. I’m not sitting in front of the hotel. This is how my life played out for me.

When I started dating my ex (Walker), once you date one, you’re labeled. It doesn’t bother me. I didn’t chase Chad. It’s just something that happened.”

For the full video interview with Evelyn and more pictures from her photo shoot – check the story after the break:


Vh1’s must feel some type of way right now. First you got Stacy Dash quitting the very successful show Single Ladies & now we got Evelyn Lozada giving us hints that she might quit the show! Here’s what she tweeted

MSDTV will keep you posted like we ALWAYS DO!