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Taraji P. Henson stopped by the studio to discuss her new partnership with chocolate brand Kinder Bueno. While there, the Empire star also dished on the last season of Empire– and the possibility of a reunion show.

Henson also chatted about her upcoming Netflix project and wedding in 2020.

Check out the full interview below…

Last week, I chopped it up with the incomporable Lee Daniels. In addition to discussing the new seasons of Empire and Star, Daniels weighed in on President Trump and the #TakeTheKnee protest.

Trust me — he had plenty to say on that.

Also, we talked about his upcoming projects – including the Terms of Endearment remake, which he confirms is 100% in the works. Plus — he had a special message to Oprah. Check that and bunch of other great stuff after the break….


Timbaland is saying good bye to his role as musical director for the hit series Empire…


Mariah Carey’s Lambs will finally get to see their girl on the big screen.

Fox just announced MiMi’s upcoming role and character…




USA TODAY recently named Taraji P. Henson Entertainer of the Year (in 2015), for her role as Cookie Lyon on Fox’s hit series, Empire.

Apparently humbled by the honor, Taraji went onto Twitter, writing:

“WOOOOOOOW!!!! Thank you @usatoday so honored!!! #WhatAYear #MoreToCome cause #GodIs and that is all that I know!”

And yes, 2016 – may indeed be Taraji’s — or shall I say Cookie Lyon’s year, but I question if I’m still really sold on the hip-hop drama, the stereotypes, and the over acting to tell a story.

Are these things really worth a golden globe win….



Empire star, Gabourey Sidibe wants you to know, don’t mess with Becky!



JLo must be watching Empire this season as the actress/performer is admitting that the jab Cookie Lyon made at her – and her off key singing, cut deep….


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