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Part 1: Elliott Wilson sits down with Ms. Drama for a candid interview on his career, new ventures and the future of hip-hop. In part 1 of his interview, Wilson touches on the flack he has received in regards to his site, He explains why the site is so selective and his hopes of creating a more underground themed one. Elliott also touches on the pivotal moments in his career at XXL and Ego Trip. He admits to being a silent partner at Ego Tripp and explains why he had to move on from that Magazine.

On the note of the online machine, Elliott discusses his past issues with Blogs and why he felt compelled to diss such sites as SOHH and

Part 2: Elliott Wilson clears up his relationship with Jay-Z and the misconceptions about how close they are. He offers insight on Jigga’s personality and why he’s still on the fence about many things regarding Jay’s career. Wilson touches on his unauthorized book on Jay that was never released and explains why he became frustrated with the project.

Towards the end of the clip, Elliott explains early issues with Eminem and why he believed his race essentially helped him as an artist. He also touches on his relationship with 50 Cent and why a 50 cover (for RESPECT. Magazine) is not likely to happen.

To hear the full show online check out the audio interview after the break: