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Naughty by Nature’s Treach and daughter Egypt stopped by the studio to discuss their reality series ‘Growning Up Hip Hop.’

During our in studio chat, Egypt explained the misconceptions about her boyfriend Sam. She also confirmed that the two were not married, but just engaged.

Meanwhile, Treach shared his support of his daughter and fiancé, and reflected on his rap career and being around both Biggie and Tupac.

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Beyonce may be a “Queen” in the US, but the Egyptians are not amused by her diva attitude.

The pop diva was recently banned from touring the Pyramids after showing up late and refusing to apologize to the officials…


On the BET red carpet, Angel Haze and K’La talk women in hip-hop and how they deal with the pressures to conform. Both artists address how they plan to make an impact in hip-hop and offer advice to burgeoning femees in the game.

Egypt also offers her thoughts on industry and explains why she left New York radio for Atlanta.

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R&B superstar Alicia Keys was spotted out in Soho today, taking a midday stroll with both her son, and 5-year old step son, Kasseem Jr…

Sigh.  Of course, one couldn’t help but notice Alicia’s killer thighs – a pair she is notorious for, as gossip sites & bloggers had a field day with the outfit she chose to wear on the streets of NYC, and how she looked in it.   Alicia rocked a pair of short-shorts with gladiator sandals – an obvious attempt at hiding the cankles she has, while also beating the heat; the combination was not very flattering to say the least.   So…Alicia hasn’t quite lost all of the baby fat that we thought she did – can we blame her for just trying to stay cool on a hot summer day in the city?  Can we?!

Take a look at the pics after the break and decide for yourselves:



Alicia Keys and hubby Kasseem ‘Swizz Beats’ Dean were photo’d out recently with their adorable son, Egypt, who is now 8-months old.  In an effort to dodge cameras from taking pics of the tiny tot, the couple eventually gave in as photogs were able to catch a couple of quick pics before the family was escorted into an SUV.  These are the first pictures of Egypt to surface – (not for nothing, but thank God Alicia has such strong genes)…

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