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According to the rumor-mill, Brooke Bailey has been cut on the next season of Basketball Wives LA …



Earlier this month you got a behind the scenes look at Waka Flocka, and Drake’s video for “Round of Applause;” now you can watch the finished product. If you like strip clubs, carpets of cash, and “Basketball Wives LA” star Draya Michele then you will love this video.   (more…)

Wendy Williams talks to BBW star and “hot topic” Draya Michele about her groupie free spirited lifestyle on a recent show.

In the interview, Wendy asks the model/aspiring actress about the rumors and her dating resume, including sleeping with 3 players in one night.

Although she admits to getting around, Michele denies some of the rumors saying:

“I would have millions by now if I were doing crazy, wild stuff like that,” Draya told Williams. “The three basketball players … I haven’t even been with three basketball players in one month, let alone day. I like to space them out a little bit.”

Wendy also brings up the obvious – does any man take you seriously, knowing your past? According to Draya, it’s an easy fix:

“Anything you do in your past can be cleaned up,” said Draya, who says it’s been more than three years since she’s dated a basketball player.

Catch the full interview after the break, including Draya’s thoughts on dating Chris Brown, and her defense of the child endangerment charge.

Stay Tuned.