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Dirty Money’s Dawn Richard steps out on Diddy for a second, to provide the remix for Frank Ocean’s song, “Novacane”. ¬†Dawn’s vocals undoubtedly have done some justice for Diddy & the Dirty Money crew in the past, so take a listen to the new remix everyone is, or will be, talking about (hey…at least it’s not “Marvin’s Room”, right?).

I have to give props to Dawn. It ain’t easy being a back up singer for Diddy. In fact, it probably isn’t easy being in the same room with him for more than an hour. In any case, this woman is determined to share her story, one blog at a time. Hence, my support.

Check out Dawn’s “Behind the Dream” videos to get an inside peek of her story. If only she would release the real story on what really goes on with Diddy and his gentleman friends. Now that’s an episode I’ll be glad to post. Stay tuned…

Episode 1:

Episode 2: