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The Patriots’ Tom Brady may not have any love for the New York Giants but he has lots of love for the New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter.


This will not go over well in Beantown, the home of the Red Sox.



On Saturday, June 9th, Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter made history & headlines making his 3,000th hit in his entire career with the NY team.  Afterwards, the YES network did a mini interview with Jay-Z who just happened to be hanging out by the Yankee clubhouse, waiting to give his congratulations to Jeter.  Hov says,

“I actually called it,” Jay-Z said. “I called it for the wrong side though. I thought he was gonna hit the short porch (in right), but he surprised everyone. “I taped (my prediction) as well, so I’m good.” Jay-Z said Jeter is in the “top tier” of great Yankees. “I’m a Yankees fan so I’ve known him. He’s my best friend,” Jay-Z joked. (ESPN)

Watch the interview with Jay, & his recording of Jeter’s hit here: