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According to reports, Deion Sanders and girlfriend Tracey Edmonds have inked a deal with the OWN Network for a docuseries about their lives…

They say there ain’t no fury like a woman scorned.
And Pilar Sanders is definitely feeling the burn after being called a gold-digger by her estranged husband Deion Sanders. So – as result she has decided to add fuel to the fire by letting the world know – (in case you didn’t hear it the first FEW times before) that Deion Sanders is a horrible, horrible man….


Pilar Sanders is by no means finished in her pursuit to clean Deion Sanders’ financial house.

According to reports, the former reality star will continue to fight, even though she is promised an additional 1 million dollars…



After the public and nasty divorce between Deion and Pilar Sanders, it seems that Deion is still focused on making his ex-wife’s life as miserable as possible…


Ex-NFL Deion Sanders is back to his old tricks.

The former athlete was ordered to pay his estranged wife Pilar $10,000 a month in child support.

But according to Deion, she’s getting paid way too much…


According to TMZ,¬†Deion Sanders¬†desperately wants to liquidate his 5,000 sq. ft. condo in Dallas — as a way to subsidize his upcoming payments to his ex Pilar.


What could possibly be worse than going through a messy public divorce with a cheating, abusive husband?

Probably hearing about your ex’s new reality show with current girlfriend – and television producer, Tracy Edmonds.¬† (more…)