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On Tuesday, Jan. 17, The YBF reported Deelishis would be a cast member of the new reality TV show “Motor City Wives”. Sara Stokes formerly of “Making the Band,” and former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s sister, Ayanna Kilpatrick-Ferguson are also said to be cast members. However, we were shocked to see the Facebook update below from the show which is still being shopped around.



Hey Ladies! I realize the affect the many “Wive” reality shows has had on women and I totally respect your opinions. But, I assure you that my show “Motor City Wives” will represent an entirely different woman. For one “Deelishis” is no longer a part of our cast, let’s clear that up. We have carefully selecteda diverse group of women who are entrepreneurs, leaders and play dominating roles in their relationships and households … Valencia R Williams Creator of Motor City Wives


Well, that says it all.


Stay tuned for more.