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Amber Rose is making the most out of her 15 minutes of fame.

According to the rumor-mill, the former stripper is heading to Dancing with the Stars…


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Monday night, Tamar Braxton announced she was leaving Dancing With the Stars and canceling her upcoming tour for medical reasons.

Now we know why…



TV personality, Tamar Braxton might be forced to withdraw from Dancing with the Stars, due to the fact she missed yesterday’s show…



Looks like your girl Tamar Braxton has joined ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

Of course we have the full details after the break, including the rumored paycheck that they will be taking home…



Tuesday night on Dancing with the Stars, American singer-songwriter Jason Derulo performed ‘The Other Side…’


Jaleel White is not happy that his baby’s mother has been taking away his shine from “Dancing With The Stars”. The actor has recently been in the news for allegations that he is a violent and vindictive man to his ex, Bridget Hardy, and their child. Now it seems as if the DWTS contestant has had about enough from Hardy – as he is requesting a judge to legally shut her up.  (more…)

Actor Jaleel White is not having a good week. After being publicly accused of having a history of violence towards his ex, the actor is again being called out for his aggression, and this time by his “Dancing With The Stars” partner, Kym Johnson.  (more…)

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