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Christina Milian has a brand new role.

The singer-actress stars as police officer Christine Parks on the second season of Sony Crackle’s ‘The Oath.’

Milian stopped by the studio to discuss her character, how she prepared for the role, and what’s next for her musically. Check out the full interview below.

Meanwhile, ‘The Oath’ is now available for free on Sony Crackle.


Ladies beware, Mitch season is here.
Lil Wayne joins rappers Future and Wiz Khalifa, in his own ex-bashing song after his new girl (Christina Millian) is the target of jokes and shade from his baby mamas….

Christina Milian is headed down the aisle with her fiance’ music producer Jas Prince…

Clad in a striking blue pant suit, Christina Milian covers Unleash’d Magazine…



Christina Milian recently took a few jabs at her baby’s father, music producer The Dream, for being missing in action from their daughters life.

The Dream didn’t take too kindly to Christina’s slander about him… (more…)

So the fairy tale ending has definetly ended. Christina Milian and The Dream are no more one in holy matrimony. It has been an extremely long and dreadful divorce for these two over the pass year. L.A. County Superior Court judge finalized their seperation last week. November of last year, they came to a settlement agreement but have been waiting for their offical decree ever since. The ex-couple got married in 2009 which lasted only a year due to the fact that The Dream filed for divorce…which also was nine days before Christina gave birth to their daughter.

The Dream recently opened up to Vibe Magazine about his new album slated to be released this fall, dealing with thoughts of suicide, his ex wife, and why he’s okay with being the “bad guy”.

In the interview The Dream explains, why he’s not interested in working with his ex, Ms. Milian on music:

VM: I caught a tweet between you two that made it seem as if you were working musically again.

TD: Mmm-mmm. She asked me but…

VM: You don’t want to mix work and divorce together?
TD: [Shakes head]

VM: For someone who loves a challenge, that’s a little surprising to hear.

TD: Me and Christina already discussed what I think she should be doing and I would never do anything other than what I think is as real as she could be.

Check out more excerpts from the interview after the break and how the Dream dealt with thoughts of suicide: