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Meek Mill apparently has a strict criteria when it comes to rap battles as the MMG rapper has decided to clarify his offer to battle Cassidy – since it appears that his fellow Philly emcee is just not “popping” enough for him to compete with…


Rapper Cassidy is seriously having a rough weekend.

He was arrested this weekend in Hackensack, NJ yesterday after being named a suspect in 2 attempted murders, as well as violating his parole. Barry Reese, Cassidy’s legal name, is being reported as “armed and dangerous” and “high risk.” North Jersey news reports:

The Philadelphia Police warrant squad called the Hackensack Police Department on Saturday morning to tell officers there was an open warrant for Hackensack resident Barry Reese, also known as the rapper Cassidy. The warrant was for violating probation, but Reese is also a suspect in a murder and two attempted murders in Philadelphia. Philadelphia police told their Hackensack counterparts “to consider this person armed and dangerous,” and this was a “high-risk warrant,” said Lt. Lloyd of Hackensack police.

Apparently police waited for Cassidy to leave his house before doing a surprise arrest. Here’s how it went down:

Reese left his house about 1:30 p.m. and was followed by police to a local convenience store. An undercover ERT officer went in the store and positively identified Reese and when Reese came out of the store, “the ERT units moved in and conducted a felony motor vehicle stop,” Lloyd said.

Reese “was very surprised” said Lt Lloyd and “No one was injured in the arrest”.

Well Dayum! Cassidy is now waiting to be extradited back to Philadelphia. Stay tuned…