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Apparently people could care less about KimYe’s baby news that they are expecting their second child.

Instead, social media is on fire over Bruce Jenner’s Vanity Fair debut as Caitlyn….



Reality star and former Olympian, Bruce Jenner is rumored to have gotten breast augmentation surgery on his road to becoming a woman…


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According to reports, Bruce Jenner will open up to Diane Sawyer about his new life changes…


After months of speculation a close family friend confirms Bruce Jenner is transitioning to a woman…



According to the rumor-mill, Bruce Jenner has revealed to his family he’s ready to undergo a sex change…




Sources claim the Kris and Bruce Jenner separation is one big publicity stunt hatched by the stunt queen herself, Kris….

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According to reports, Kris and Bruce Jenner have been separated for months and family friends say divorce is imminent…