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2012 is a big year for President Barack Obama. He was the first presidential candidate to successfully use social media to engage voters. So, what’s he going to do to change the game this election year? Comedy.


On Monday, Jan. 16 NBC celebrated actress, comedienne and national treasure Betty White’s 90th birthday with a televised gala, “A Tribute to America’s Golden Girl.” President Barack Obama got in the game with a joke near and dear to a topic that has plagued him for much of his presidency; the question of his birth origin.


The set up is great; the POTUS starts off writing a letter where he shares his disbelief of Betty White’s age because she “looks so fantastic and full of energy.” Later he demands she produce a long-form version of her birth certificate.


Video – POTUS To Betty White


That was comedy gold. Our hats are off to whoever developed and wrote that skit.


Stay tuned for more.


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