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Comedian, Michael Colyar is claiming racism after he was recently kicked off a United Airlines flight from Dulles International Airport in Virginia. According to Colyar, he was booted from his flight simply because he was black.

Colyar, who is recognized from the movie Barbershop, claims that after he refused to allow a flight attendant to move his luggage from the overhead storage bin — so a white passenger could stow her bag there instead – he was forced to leave. O_o

Colyar claims the flight attendant gave him dirty looks when he denied her request — so he inquired about filing a complaint. That’s when Colyar says he was approached by security, who removed the actor from the flight.

Colyar later went on his blog to rehash the incident saying:

“The flight attendant and her friend got just what they wanted, the n**ger off the plane. I’m sure they feel a great triumph in putting an uppity n**ger in his place.”

“At the least I should be suing United Airlines for theft of services, public humiliation and defamation of character.”

United Airlines addressed Colyar complaints, telling TMZ:

“As a global airline with a diverse workforce, United has zero tolerance for any type of discrimination and we take every such matter seriously. We spoke to Mr. Colyar  Wednesday so that we can address his concerns, and committed to get back to him as we learn more from our coworkers and other customers onboard.”

TMZ reports that sources connected to the incident say multiple passengers have been interviewed about the situation and several people said Colyar was loud with the flight attendant and had become an unruly passenger.

SMH. Seems like Colyar pulled the race card with this one. Of course MSDTV will keep you posted.

Stay Tuned…