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Former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela died yesterday at the age of 95…


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According to the rumor-mill, Oprah Winfrey has cut ties with President and first lady Barack and Michelle Obama because they their broke promises when after they were elected…

According to the political rumor-mill, First Lady Michelle Obama is said to be furious with her husband President Barack Obama over his flirty behavior with Thailand’s prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra…



Pop singer Madonna didn’t get the response she hoped for when she performed at the MGM Grand Garden Arena last week.

According to reports, the singer was booed after she told fans to go and vote for Barak Obama…


Tonight, BET NEWS will offer two live-anchored programs from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC honing in on the key issues of the presidential election.

If you’re not up on the issues facing our nation – then this will be a must see special…


While the President of the United States is not likely to be on anyone’s personal speed dial, Jay-Z seems to have a personal in with the commander-in-chief — so much so that Jay plans to call Obama just to ask him to perform at his event.  (more…)

Last week MSDTV reported Halle Berry was none to pleased with photographers stalking her daughter outside of her school.

Now Halle explains why she went off and why she feels the President should get involved.  (more…)

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