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Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks

Since news came of Ciara being engaged to fiance’ Future and possibly expecting a baby, questions arose from fans on just how many children [and baby mamas] did the rapper have.Future explains he’s been busy…



According to reports, 50 Cent will be heading to court soon as he was recently charged for violently attacking his baby mama during a heated argument…


As reported by MSDTV, 50 Cent’s baby mama, Shaniqua Thompkins joined the cast of Starter Wives, a new reality show that focuses in on former wives of notable celebrities.

Apparently 50 Cent caught wind of it and shut his ex down from continuing…


Father of singer’s Beyonce and Solange, the legendary Mathew Knowles (who was responsible for launching Destiny’s Child’s career) is having some issues with the mother of his 2-year-old son, Nixon Knowles.


Sorry ladies.
It looks like New York Knick player Amar’e Stoudemire is officially off the market. The NBA star got hitched on Wednesday — 12.12.12. to his long time baby mama.
And it looks like she might be a keeper…

It’s ain’t easy being Meek Mill.
Besides the day to day struggle of being a notable rapper  – the Philly naitive now feels he’s being burdened by a baby mama who keeps expecting him to pay up for his child.
Oh the hardships these rappers face…


Miami Heat champion Chris Bosh is looking at some major child support payments to his baby mama – if he can’t win residency in Texas….


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