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Grammy-nominated artist, and former gospel singer, B. Slade (better known as, Tonex or TON3X™ ) is currently preparing for the release of his upcoming album, entitled “Diesel” as a pop/R&B artist via Suxxess/Universal Records. 

Slade has kept himself busy with his new persona, deviating from the gospel/Christian inspired musical content found throughout his career, in exchange for an artist banking on creating his own genre, called Nureau.  B. Slade’s new-found sound is a drop of Fonzworth Bentley mixed (heavily) with bits and pieces of Cee-Lo Green and John Legend.  The personality known as B. Slade, or Anthony Charles Williams II, also takes center stage as the lead role in “The Who’s Tommy” rock opera performed at the San Diego Repertory Theatre in California.

B. Slade’s new eclectic style is nothing less than exciting.  The singer’s vocal ability throughout “Diesel” is well above-average, with no surprise due to his previous releases on Tommy Boy Gospel/Jive Records. Here’s what the singer had to say about his upcoming album,

“DIESEL is dedicated to the forerunners and strong black men in the civil rights entertainment and hip hop culture. Diesel runs in our blood,” mentions B. Slade. “It’s about the tenacity to continue and press through oppositions even when you want to give up and say you’re going to give, there’s something in you that won’t let you and that is your DIESEL. No matter what race or orientation you might be, don’t ever lose your Diesel, this is what the album is all about,” he adds.

“Diesel” will be available for purchase this Tuesday, July 19th.  Werk!

For pre-order/listen/download to “Diesel”, click here!