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Last month it was reported that Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky was accused of slapping a woman in the face at the Budweiser Made in America Music Festival.

Now Rocky will have to pay for his brash act…

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky must be new to the whole black is beautiful movement as he made some disparaging remarks about his ebony sisters in a recent interview.
According to A$AP, black women need to lay off of the red and purple lipstick. Sigh.
Apparently this didn’t sit to well with another Harlemite rapper, Mis Azealia Banks who offered some burning hot tea to quiet, Mr. A$AP Rocky down…

MSDTV sits in for the BET 2012 Press conference where Stephen Hill announces Samuel L. Jackson as the host for the year’s awards.

DJ Khaled, ASAP Rocky, Big Sean and Melanie Fiona react to the nominations and offer their commentary on nominees.  (more…)

Yep! No typo! Drizzy Drake will hit the road this fall with two of the most lyrical dudes in the game right now: Kendrick Lemar & ASAP Rocky. This is perfect timing since his sophomore album Take Care is dropping the same day ticket go on sale, October 24th. Weird not to see The Weeknd on this. Thought it was OVOXO? Oh well…to purchase tickets & check dates, click HERE.

Sidebar: He’s finalizing the album in NY. Here are some flicks taken from his assistant during the process