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The father of Fantasia’s son Dallas has decided to “work it out” with his ex wife and kids.

In the latest issue of Jet Magazine Fantasia says she and her married baby’s father, Antwaun Cook, have officially called it quits…


Fantasia’s on again, off again boo – Antwaun Cook may have just gotten the singer a massive lawsuit.

When Antwaun Cook’s wife Paula tried to sue Fantasia two years ago under North Carolina’s alienation of affection law for cheating with her husband, Antwuan testified in court that he and his wife had been separated before he and Fantasia hooked up.

Apparently no one reminded Antwuan to keep up with his lies as he just signed papers admitting he and his wife weren’t actually separated at the time he and Fantasia hooked up — leaving the door wide open for Paula to clean house on Barrino…


Fantasia’s baby daddy Antwaun Cook isn’t making many fans as of late.

The former TMobile employee recently got caught getting cozy with past Bad Girls Club star Kendra James – and their exploits ending up online.

Now it seems that Antwaun wants explain why the blogs got it all wrong..  (more…)

If the clues weren’t there before – they sure are now – as Fantasia Barrino’s baby daddy Antwaun Cook is rumored to have checked out of his current relationship and moved on to another “star”…


According to online reports Fantasia Barrino is getting the cold shoulder when it comes to be welcomed into her baby daddy’s family home. The singer has been branded a “home wrecker” and is being kept on the outskirts of her lover’s family. (more…)

Singer/actress Fantasia Barrino is learning the hard way why it’s not smart to mess with a married man. Her still married beau and baby daddy, Antwaun Cook has apparently made it clear that he was never truly invested in their relationship – as he was seen making out with his wife over the weekend.


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