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Cee Lo Green recently spilled the beans on Andre 3000 hiatus.

The crooner revealed that Andre suffers from severe stage fright and that’s what been keeping him from putting out new music…



Andre 3000 will transform into Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming biopic titled, ‘All Is By My Side’…



According to reports, Andre 3000’s mother was found dead in her home in Conley, Ga.

Details are still sketchy, but the news has been confirmed by friends and sources close to the Outkast rapper…


Andre 3000 has decided to set the record strait as many are still thinking him and Big Boi are currently working on an Outkast reunion.

Nope, that definitely NOT the case…



Out of all the men you may encounter, there’s always that one.

And Erykah Badu admits that Andre 3000 was the creme de la creme..


Earlier this week Big Boi announced that both he and André 3000 are working on solo albums. While we wait for more info on André’s project, Big Boi has revealed the title of his second solo album. A solo album from both of them is going to be dope, but I think what everybody really wants is a new Outkast album! Peep the title after the break.


You recruit 3 Stacks, Wiz, T.I. and Weezy for your remix. Good move. You don’t have them for the motion picture? Bad move. She flipped it on us for real. Let us know if this is Hot ot Not? (more…)

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