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A new song from the  late great troubled songbird has hit the net. The track dates back to 2002 and will appear on the Lioness: Hidden Treasures album hitting stores on December 5th.

Download link: Amy Winehouse – Halftime

The results of Amy Winehouse’s death were revealed today, as reports confirm that the Grammy winner died from alcohol poisoning, according to a London coroner.

Coroner Suzanne Greenaway tells the Associated Press the verdict has been ruled “death by misadventure” since Winehouse voluntarily consumed alcohol and took on the consequences of her actions.

A pathologist’s report found that Winehouse had consumed a “very large quantity of alcohol,” that was more than five times the legal limit when she died. The singer’s body was discovered at her North London home on July 23rd. Winehouse was 27 when she passed.

Greenway explained her report at St. Pancras Coronor’s Court in London saying:

“She had consumed sufficient alcohol at 416 mg per decilitre of blood and the unintended consequences of such potentially fatal levels was her sudden and unexpected death.”

In London, the British legal limit for driving under the influence of alcohol is 80mg. Adding to quantity of liquor consumed, Winehouse’s weight loss, tiny frame and bronchial problems are also likely to have increased her exposure to the effects of alcohol on her system.

In an earlier toxicology report published in August, results showed that there were no illegal drugs in her system, despite press reports claiming she had been out the night before her death buying drugs in North London.

As reported by the inquest, the live-in security guard Andrew Morris had checked on the star on the morning of the July 23rd and thought she was in bed sleeping. He then called the emergency services when he checked on her five hours later and found she had not moved. Empty vodka bottles were found at the scene which are speculated to have belonged to Ms. Winehouse.

Give me Rehab and a Dentist!

We’ve heard this story before. Amy Winehouse needs drug treatment and she doesn’t want to go – well until now.

Winehouse is now seeking treatment for her “alcohol addiction” at the Priory Clinic, a prestigious UK rehab center. Winehouse’s people released a statement saying, “[Amy] wants to be ready for performances in Europe this summer and decided to seek an assessment. She will remain at the Priory on doctors’ advice.”

According to some reports, Amy’s addiction is so bad, she even drank a small bottle of vodka on her way to the facility Wednesday. O_o

This doesn’t sound too promising. Stay Tuned…