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Amanda Bynes may have her eyes set on Drake, but she sure digs Cassie’s style…


Amanda Bynes is refusing to give up on getting her 15 minutes with Drake.

The former child actor has recently been on a twitter rampage trying to get Drake to notice her…


It’s looks like former child star Amanda Bynes has officially reached her breaking point.
After months of questionable behavior, she went off on her former boyfriend Kid Cudi and Complex Magazine…

Actress Amanda Bynes may have officially lost her marbles.

The former child star recently tweeted Drake an unexpected request that involved a violent act, the rapper and her vajayjay….


Former child star Amanda Bynes doesn’t look like she will be making many friends in Hollywood.

Last week Bynes decided to tweet a photo of Jay Z, calling him ugly. Apparently, she must have caught wind of her faux pas because moments later she took the tweet down..


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