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According to reports, former NBA star Allen Iverson has retired from basketball, dead broke….


Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Six
Allen Iverson has has less than 24 hours to pay his back child support in full or face time in jail time…

Allen Iverson and his estranged wife Tawanna’s are back at it again for another round of their messy divorce battle.

After Tawanna accused Allen of emptying their bank account and starving her and the kids, Allen is back with a major accusation of himself. He claims his ex burglarized his house and now he wants her to be arrested. (more…)

Allen Iverson’s NBA career may be over for the time being, but the basketball star seems to have his eyes set on a bigger sports goal — as he is rumored to be checking out the Chinese basketball market.  (more…)

Just when you thought Allen and Tawanna Iverson were going to work things out – they now seem to be back on the “outs” as Tawanna has filed a restraining order against her ex.  (more…)

Allen Iverson divorce proceeding just made a huge 180. After denying she filed for divorce because he was cheating with other women, AI soon to be ex-wife has filed court documents asking for the list of all the jumpoffs Iverson slept with while they were married. (more…)


It’s about time embattled former NBA player Allen Iverson heard some good news. (more…)

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