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Last week  KRS One came to the defense of Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa after multiple allegations of child molestation dating back to the 70s had surfaced.

Now molestation victim, Ronald ‘Bee-Stinger’ Savage, is asking the hip-hop community to ban KRS One from Hip Hop…



Can’t say we didn’t see this coming.

The Zulu Nation has issued a formal apology to the alleged victims of Afrika Bambaataa.




Amid the claims of child molestation, Zulu Nation has decided to cut ties with their infamous leader, Afrika Bambaataa…



Earlier this month, DJ Star exposed the biggest cover-up in hip-hop.

Star interviewed, Bronx resident, Ronald Savage who revealed that he had been sexually molested by Zulu Nation leader, Afrika Bambaataa.

A few weeks later – the initial story has led other victims to step forward and confirm the rampant sexual abuse by the Zulu nation…




Hip Hip pioneer Afrika Bambaataa finally speaks out to the shocking claims that he molested young boys throughout his career…



In an exclusive interview with the New York Daily News, Ron Savage, a delegate in the 12th Judicial District in the Bronx, has accused Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa of sexually molesting him as a teenager…