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Ms. Drama TV’s Joya Campbell snags an impromptu interview with legendary rapper Rakim at the “Godly Collaboration” event last week in New York. In the brief interview Rakim speaks on the current state of hip-hop which he feel is in a good place– although he acknowledges there are some rappers not holding it down. Rakim also touches on opening for Chris Rock and his enjoyment working with him.

Here’s a brief summary of the event as told by Joya Campbell:

West NYC is showing the ultimate symbol of love to all the hip hop heads . . . The legendary rapper Rakim has now joined the West NYC tee shirt hall of fame. Rakim came and performed a few of his hits as Dj Lacrate, Dj Cre-8, and Dj WC Kids took to the 1s and 2s chopping it up and playing a lot of hip hop classics to get the crowd going. While Rakim was honored to be on a tee shirt, he was even more happy to still be in the rap game, and still getting love. Rakim said that 4/20, marked the 25th anniversary of the “Paid in Full” soundtrack making it 25 years that he’s been in the rap game. “I do this for you guys everyone that’s here tonight. To be in the game 25 yeas and I’m still getting I love, I hope to be around for another 5, 10.” Accompanied by a hosts of body guards Rakim shouted his son out, who was the spitting image of him. “He makes me feel old and keeps me young at the same time”.