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On Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ recent visit to  NBC’s “Today Show” he cleared up a misunderstanding about his reported Oscar win at the 84th Academy Awards. (more…)


After the 84th Academy Award the great debate of the night wasn’t which film, or actor was robbed of an Oscar — it was whether or not Jennifer Lopez had a wardrobe malfunction.  (more…)


Last night ‘s special Oscar episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ was filled with stars including Oprah Winfrey as you’ve never seen her before.  (more…)


The production team behind the Academy Awards are working hard to raise ratings that have been in a slump for several years. Justin Bieber wasn’t kidding when he said he was there to score the 18-24 year-old demographic. The attempt to reel in viewers who wouldn’t normally watch Oscars is evident in the selection made for the house band.  (more…)


And the Oscar goes to …  (more…)

Eddie Murphy seems to be the number one contender in next year’s Oscar hosting race. Although there has been no official statement released confirming his new gig, the site claims Eddie Murphy is already confirmed to host the 84th Academy Awards in February of 2012.

Surprisingly, this will be the first time Murphy has taken the stage to perform any kind of stand-up in over twenty years. He is currently starring in the up-coming movie Tower Heist, directed by Brett Ratner – who is also reported to be producing the Awards. Ratner has already enlisted Murphy as the top choice for the star studded event.

The last African-American to host the Oscars was Chris Rock in 2004, which brought in some of the shows highest rating – yet also left the comedian with many mixed reviews. Prior to Rock, Whoopi Goldberg served as host for four Oscars with her last being in 2001.

Will Eddie’s classic comedic antics bring you in as a viewer?

Let us know. Of course MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned!