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Heres the Chef Raekwon performing his latest hit single “Rock N Roll” live from Ottawa, Ontario. This was the official kickoff of the Shaolin vs Wu Tang Tour. Footage by yours truly.

Freddie Gibbs is the guest on this latest leak off Convert Coup dropping on 4/20. Click HERE to have access to the song.

It appears Miami-Dade may have a new mayor in town folks! Earlier this week Luther Campbell aka “Uncle Luke” filed the necessary paper work to run for the mayor of Miami-Dade County. Before filing his paperwork, Campbell addressed a group at Miami Beach.

“My major hurdle is people taking me seriously, a lot of people think this is a joke,” Campbell told the crowd who swore he’s serious about the mayor’s job. “I call it a banana republic and I’m serious about it. You look at the commission and they make their own rules as they go, regardless of what the county attorney says, they make their own rules, just do what they want. They have no respect for the people.”

In the short video clip below, Campbell discusses his reasons for running. The winner of this election will serve out the remainder of former Mayor Carlos Alvarez’s term which ends in November 2012.

My only question is, will there be a club song incorporated into his campaign?

“Pop them votes baby, pop them votes baby! Shake them flyers baby, shake them flyers baby! I’m gonna vote, I’m gonna vote, I’m vote! (Do-Do Brown melody). I’m sure I’m not the only one who wanted to know. Ha!

BTW, whatever happened to my man, Jimmy McMilliam and the Rent is TOO DAMN HIGH party? I’m feeling a Uncle Luke and Jimmy collabo on this one. Just my thoughts. Stay tuned…

Just when I was about to get my spot on OLTL! SMH. (Ms. Drama with Langston & Star from OLTL)


It’s been a rough year for avid daytime programming fans as another Soap got the ax today. ABC made an announcement it would be ending two of its long-running daily serial dramas, “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” as of September 2011 and January 2012 respectively. ABC explains it will be replacing the two soaps with much less expensive, unscripted programs. Daytime viewers can now expect to see, “Chew,” a program devoted to cooking and nutrition, featuring the chef Mario Batali, among other hosts and “The Revolution,” which will focus on issues relating to health, weight loss and “lifestyle transformations” that showcases one woman’s weight loss experience over a five-month period. The hosts include Tim Gunn of “Project Runway” and Kimberley Locke, a former “American Idol” contestant who has become a plus-size fashion model. Sounds absolutely boring riveting.

In the announcement, ABC included the promise that to honor the passionate fans of each show, they will “conclude in a manner that respects their legacies and the longstanding hopes of many of their viewers.” In layman’s terms – they are going to kill everyone off the show. It’s a sad day in Soap history.

Life+Times lets loose a brand new track from Santigold, featuring Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The track was produced by Q-Tip, Switch, and Santigold. Guitar by Nick Zinner. In case you didn’t know, Santigold signed with RocNation couple months ago.

Download Here: Santigold Feat. Karen O – Go (Produced By Q-Tip)

So someone managed to track down the Tranny (aka Brooke Lynn) that caused so much discussion over Mr. Cee’s sexuality and reputation in the game. According to Brooke Lynn the alleged “act” with Mr. Cee never happened in the car – but while sitting together, Mr. Cee did whip out his pokemon and offer Lynn money. As an added twist to this already odd and questionable story, the interview also reveals Jah Jah, Mr. Cee’s previous lover and what transpired during their gay rendezvous. So for those of you who’ve been questioning, wondering and doubting, let’s face it – the finisher has clearly made his lifestyle choice. While I’m sure the hip-hop community still has much respect for Mr. Cee as a DJ, I think the masses would understand him more if he was just up front with his actions. Just my thoughts.

Stay Tuned…

Waka presents us with his new mixtape hosted by DJ Teknikz.

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01. Benjamin Flocka Intro
02. My G (Prod. By Southside)
03. Call The Squad For Him (Ft. Rocko) (Prod. By Bobby Beats)
04. Brick Squad Monopoly (Ft. P Smurf & Mouse) (Prod. By Southside)
05. Talkin’
06. Clap (Prod. By Southside)
07. Kill The Parkin’ Lot (Ft. Blar & P Smurf) (Prod. By Southside)
08. Young Nigga (Ft. Gucci Mane) (Prod. By Southside)
09. Spazz Out (Ft. Chill Will & P Smurf) (Prod. By Southside)
10. Crowd (Ft. YG Hootie, Lil Capp & P Smurf) (Prod. By Southside)
11. Lotto Ticket (Ft. Young Dose, P Smurf, Slim Dunkin, Ice B, YG Hootie & Short Dawg) (Prod. By Prince N Purps)
12. Cocaine Runners (Ft. Cartel & P Smurf) (Prod. By Southside)
13. Pole (Feat. YG Hootie & Slim Dunkin) (Prod. By Prince N Purps)
14. Do It Big (Ft. Uncle Murda, Papoose & Rah Diggs) (Prod. By Mika Da Rockman)
15. Nik After Nik (Ft. Slim Dunkin) (Prod. By Southside)
16. My Homeboys (Ft. YG Hootie, P Smurf & Ice Burgandy)
17. Watch My Power Spread (Ft. Wooh Da Kid) (Prod. By Southside)
18. This Is Bricksquad (Ft. YG Hootie, Frenchie, Wooh Da Kid, Ice Burgandy & P Smurf)
19. Ball (Ft. Tity Boi aka 2 Chainz)
20. Grove St. Party [Bonus]

Download mixtape HERE